H/Advisors launches its new fully integrated health care public affairs offering, H/Advisors Public Affairs, in partnership with Havas Health & You

A new strategic consultancy offering, H/Advisors Public Affairs, was launched last week, entirely dedicated to public policy and regulatory affairs consultancy across major global health markets.

With the ambition to reflect the new reality of healthcare, and the aim of covering issues common to three markets (UK, EU, US), this offering brings together a world-class team of public policy consultants, in partnership with Havas Health & You, the world’s largest healthcare network.

The sector expertise, strategic advice & research capabilities of these multi-cultural teams will support the clients of the H/Advisors network across horizontal business challenges such as ESG, supply chain, digital transformation, technology innovation and corporate finance.

Mark Twigg, CEO of H/Advisors Cicero, and Michael Hotra, Managing Director of H/Advisors Abernathy, will lead the offering in the UK/EU and US respectively.


Find the press release here :                                                                                                                       https://h-advisors.global/news/press-release/