What we do

H/Advisors Havas Paris works with companies and senior executives to promote their corporate interests by offering tailor-made communication solutions.
We specialize in all forms of crisis communications and reputation management in plenty of sectors with unique expertise in 12 key areas.


Reputation and media relations management​

/ Crisis communication training
/ Scenario planning
/ Reputation management
/ War room operations
/ Rapid response team
/ Real-time media and digital media analysis
/ Strategic counsel (Materials preparation e.g. statements, Q&A, talking points)

Public affairs

/ Strategic political advice
/ Political risk analysis
/ Political communications support during transactions
/ Stakeholder engagement
/ Policy campaigning
/ Political insight, regulatory updates and monitoring
/ Select committee preparation
/ Party conference support

Legal and litigation communications

A team of communicators with legal backgrounds, including former lawyers, experienced in managing the most sensitive situations such as international and domestic litigation and legal proceedings with a strong reputational impact :
/ Crisis communications strategic advisory & media training
/ Advisory and management of media relations (mapping of journalists and KOLs, planning, key contacts, debriefing)
/ Social media editorial strategy and management
/ Advisory and management of public affairs

Blockchain and sovereign technologies

/ Intelligence : 360° audit, Market research, Partnerships, Strategic planning, Thought leadership, Public policy analysis, Incubation
/ Consulting : Digital strategy, Identification of innovation opportunities, Setting up your business model, Project management
/ Engineering : Technological audit, Design thinking & workshops, MVP development and industrialization, Measurement of KPIs
/ Communications : Valuation strategy and positioning, Advice to managers, Global communication, PR, Marketing strategy

Healthcare and crisis

/ Corporate communication
/ Launching of brands
/ Awareness campaign
/ Brand content
/ Public affairs
/ Media relations
/ Crisis management
/ International communications

Territorial attractiveness​

/ Public affairs
/ Media relations
/ Corporate communication
/ Crisis communications training
/ Training and support for local teams
/ Managing reputational risks

Sport and reputation

/ Communication strategy advisory
/ Media and public relations
/ Financial communications
/ Crisis communications and issue management
/ Personal branding and senior executive advisory

International communications strategy

/ International Communications Strategy
/ Press relations and public affairs
/ Social media strategy
/ Crisis communication
/ Event management (roadshows, international conferences)
/ Branding strategy
/ Think & Do-Tank creation
/ Personal branding for leaders

E-reputation and digital communications​

/ Reputation and engagement (analysis, strategy, social network communication plan)
/ Leader advocacy (coaching, accompanying, directing)
/ Protection and crisis (Monitoring and alerting, Social data room, Wikipedia, Tools and methodology)

Writing and opinion

/ Strategic consulting
/ Personal branding
/ Executive coaching
/ Concept creation
/ Content creation and writing
/ Speech writing

Strategic planning

/ Brand Strategy and brand platform
/ Brand Purpose
/ Copy Strat /Creative briefing
/ Trends and insights
/ Targeting
/ Social listening & press monitoring
/ Media strategy

Financial and Corporate Communication

Investor relations and​ financial communication​s

/ Financial & ESG strategic counsel and implementation
/ Financial calendar advice and consensus monitoring
/ Financial & ESG storytelling based on the equity story
/ Benchmarks and media, brokers, regulatory monitoring
/ Strategic advice and support for all financial events (AGMs, CMDs, roadshows) incl. coaching, media-trainings and event management
/ Media relations and social media strategy, including support in developing communications tools (press releases, slideshows, Q&As etc.)
/ Media analysis, post-screening consultation and report
/ Individual shareholders marketing strategy
/ Investor website and digital content
/ Financial advertising
/ Edition & Content (universal registration document, financial, sustainability and integrated reports, shareholders letters and guides etc.)
/ Crisis communication and defence strategy against activist shareholders

ESG and sustainability​

/ Strategic advisory on CFO’s role transformation
/ Peer analysis and benchmarking
/ ESG intent communications
/ Positioning and narrative
/ Prepare leaders for media engagement
/ Multi-channel communications
/ Insight into emerging trends and practices
/ Regulation and policy
/ Edition & Content (integrated and ESG reports etc.)

IPOs and ECM​

/ Strategic advisory, consultancy and coordination of the project
/ Drafting IPO documents (prospectus slideshows, press releases)
/ External communication program: UK and French media relations (incl. ramp-up strategy pre-IPO), public decision-makers
/ Organisation of analysts’ meetings and media events
/ Monitoring and compliance with regulations
/ Financial advertising
/ Internal communications
/ Media-training and coaching
/ IPO website
/ Edition & Content: Shareholders letter, guide
/ Also: graphic universe, corporate video, and more

M&A and shareholder activism​

/ Coordination with bankers and lawyers
/ Strategic advisory
/ Storytelling based on the equity story
/ Definition and implementation of a global influence strategy
/ Media relations, Public relations & Investor relations strategy incl. support in developing all communication tools (messaging platform, Q&A, slideshows, briefing notes)
/ Internal communication
/ Monitoring (press and social media)
/ Media-training and coaching
/ Financial advertising and shareholder communication strategy

People & transformation​

People & transformation​

/ Employer branding (search, application, selection)
/ Audit, strategic advice and tactical actions
/ Posture for change/transformation program
/ Upskilling comms teams
/ Culture and transformation
/ Reorganization
/ Internal communications (integration, loyalty)
/ Production of communication actions and deliverables
/ Employee advocacy
/ Commitment and purpose
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Corporate strategic consulting​

Corporate strategic consulting​

/ Applied Foresight
/ Emerging customers expectations & insights
/ Customer segmentation
/ Strategic Plan & Ambition
/ Business Modeling & Growth opportunities
/ Value proposition & Pricing
/ Coaching of the Executive Committee
/ Transformation of corporate culture & talent strategy
/ Nudge management
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