Ievgen Kurmashov

Senior Consultant

Ievgen began his career as a communication and creative adviser in 2005 in Ukraine, working predominantly for clients in booming and various political communications market at that time in his home country. Joined as a political analyst and communication consultant the prominent non-governmental expert and consultancy center “Gorshenin Institute” (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 2008, Ievgen became its director for political and research programs and a junior partner in 2012. As a communication and crises consultant Ievgen implemented dozens of projects for various Ukrainian governmental, political, corporate and institutional clients working for a broad range of Ukrainian companies, public institutions, business and local leaders, and domestic and international NGOs. Joined Havas Paris in 2022 after leaving Ukraine with his large family. Ievgen serves as a Senior Consultant for the Havas Paris International Consulting, contributing to other directions of Havas.